Hotel Carlton, Bratislava

Mirror cocktail bar- mirror hall and bar from 1913. Reconstruction of the space and restoration in the style of Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau. National cultural monument.

The history of the famous hotel on this prominent site on the Danube begins in 1913. The entrepreneur Henrich Prűger, a consultant for the modern hotel industry (also for the Titanic), created the large Carlton hotel complex here by converting older hotels according to American designs. The thriving hotel was and is visited by important personalities of the time, politicians, musicians, artists, e.g. A. Einstein, A. Nobel , F.D. Roosevelt, T.G. Masaryk, T.A. Edison and others. It was a place of societies, receptions, balls. Hotel bol znovu prestavaný v tr.1931 podľa projektov M. N. Harminca a napokon prešiel generálnou rekonštrukciou v r. 2001.


The subject of the complete reconstruction, which was realized by NOVOTA ART, was the representative space of the so-called Mirror Hall and its anteroom - bar from 1913. This "pavilion" with upper natural lighting in the vault has the thematic leitmotif Light, with an allegory of the planet Venus (Morgenstern, Zornička) At the time of the reconstruction, this part no longer existed. It was necessary to create a complete replica of the original space on the basis of historical archival photographic documentation, art-historical knowledge and fragments of stucco decoration. It was a very demanding technical preparation and artistic-craft realization. Precise welded steel procedures were used, wooden structures, large segments of plaster casts were reinforced for the vault, relief stucco decoration, assembly, retouching, and painting were created. The original colour scheme was also restored to a range of greens, gold dusting and ecru tones. The walls, according to the investor's decision, were modified in red tones in the architectural zoning system.