Galicia Nueva - oak gate

Luxury castle hotel Galicia Nueva in Galicia, design and realization in the style of the area. The castle is a National Cultural Monument.

Originally a Renaissance anti-Turkish fortified castle on the site of a medieval fortress, the castle was transformed into a Baroque chateau in the 1860s according to the designs of the builder A. Meyerhofer. In 2016, the castle was opened after a challenging transformation into the luxury hotel complex Galicia Nueva. As the original gate was not preserved, f. NOVOTA ART designed and implemented a special solution in line with the style of the complex. Inspired by the typology of monumental Baroque palace gates, they created a site-specific, stylish oak gate made of wood imported from the Mediterranean region.


The gate was made of oak wood with preservation and finish in natural tone. It was created on the basis of a precisely elaborated graphic and spatial design by f. NOVOTA ART. The proportions were determined by the monumental architectural portal of the original entrance to the premises. The gateway has a three-part division, in the middle there is a separate door entrance. The basic structure is formed by vertical elements in the form of the pilasters of the central entrance (door), the central cover rail of the gate and the upper glazed skylight. The gateway has a dynamic structure with typical baroque concave-convex lines. A distinctive sculptural element is the convex dynamic plinth and the rococo ornamentation with C-shaped stylish elements, shell motifs and vegetative relief motifs. The elaborate ornamentation is the result of high-value hand carving finishing. The gate has a triple wrought-iron hinge system, which is based in shape on contemporary analogies. The termination of the rococo hinge motifs has shiny brass finials, in keeping with the other brass elements of the Rococo style gate.