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Our company NOVOTA ART, s r.o. was founded as a family business in November 1989. The basic orientation of the company was specialized, artistic and craft restoration of historical architectures and restoration of cultural heritage monuments.

NOVOTA ART is based on many years of experience, but has progressively expanded its scope. We have enhanced the traditional technical procedures based on handmade arts and crafts production in the light of current requirements and perspectives. We combine economical and ecological solutions based on digital and specialised machine production to process a large range of materials. In this sense, we prepare building realizations, create in the field of stone, sculptural and decorative creations in wood, ceramics, metal and in new materials. The use of highly innovative technology allows not only the restoration of historical originals, but also extremely precise copies and high-quality production of new art and design.

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In-house services and solutions

Our company is based in Bratislava and part of its production facilities are located in Trnava. We carry out activities on an international level with an orientation towards foreign and domestic markets.

Production of complex decorative facade systems

We create not only exact copies according to the historical style but also contemporary motifs and novelties or kinetic facades with implemented electronics

Production of stylish customized interiors

We create bespoke interiors in a unique and individual style for hotels, mansions, government buildings, private residences, commercial establishments and yachts

CNC Production of atypical elements

We specialize in machine production of demanding art objects and sculptural shapes in stone, metal, brass, wood and various composite materials

3D Design and Manufacturing Projects

Our studio performs scanning of objects and buildings, retouching of models and their preparation for CNC machining. We are able to accurately copy historical realities. We perform complex 3D modeling and rendering of visuals as well as Virtual Reality tours

Implementation of electronic and kinetic smart elements

In our studio we work with advanced robotics, creating kinetic sculptures and interactive environments. Smart elements, we implement in interior and exterior realizations


We realize interiors whose design surpasses time and space

Each project is designed with great attention to detail, managed and implemented with great care. We create all bespoke elements from furniture, decorative lining and ceilings to the implementation of electronic and smart devices, as required, with a view to a smooth workflow and adherence to the set budget.


Customized production

Implementation and assembly


Our solutions cover the most complicated parts of the construction

Our company provides comprehensive services, from the creation of drawings, design and 3d production documentation to on-site production and construction implementation. We produce decorative façade systems in materials such as wood, stone, glass, metal and composite. We realize the most demanding visions of our clients.

Decorative systems



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The advent of technology and digitisation, especially in the last decade, has significantly affected the way cultural heritage is preserved, restored and reproduced. Innovative production methods and procedures in our company enable the production of exact copies of historical elements even in oversized sizes with millimetre detail accuracy. Our company has done meticulous work in scanning historical styles, 3D modelling and preparing individual elements for specialised CNC production. Our company has done meticulous work in scanning historical styles, 3D modeling, and preparing individual elements for specialized CNC manufacturing.

Looking for a realization for your space, get inspired

Our company performs scanning of historical monuments and museum exhibits, creates 3d models according to a drawing design or photograph and creates production documentation with subsequent production and assembly.

Focus and scan building

Drawing design

Architectural project

3D ornaments

5 axis CNC production

Installation and mounting

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