Project Details

  • Project Residential house
  • Category Exterior
  • Place Moskovska Street 12
  • Year of realization 2010

Residential house Moskovska street 12

Architecture from around 1915. Conservation restoration of facades 2010.

The house with a U-shaped plan was built at a time when new streets with continuous development were being built on the suburban plots of Bratislava at the beginning of the twentieth century. The facades are a synthesis of late eclecticism and Art Nouveau. The house has three storeys. The façade has a fine structural surface, above the ground floor windows there is a frieze with a relief motif: leaves of a chestnut tree, chestnut fruits and flowers. Above the 2nd floor windows is a laurel wreath motif. The entrance portal is Art Nouveau, the bars have a peacock tail motif and plant decoration.


Before the restoration, the façade was significantly damaged by weather conditions and unprofessional repair interventions.  The aim of the restoration was to reconstruct all parts of the façades, to restore the character of the plaster, to restore the original profiling of the window architraves, cornices, plinths and decorative relief elements in full accordance with the stylistic expression of the original.  In terms of the façade colour research, the authentic colour scheme was restored in two tones of olive green and light ochre based on the KEIM colour palette. The entrance portal was also restored in its original Art Nouveau character.