Project Details

  • Project Residential house
  • Category Exterior
  • Place Štúrova Street 6
  • Year of realization 2019-2020

Residential house, Štúrova street 6

The former Austro-Hungarian Bank from 1902, the superstructure from the 1920s and 21st century. National cultural monument.

The former banking palace of the Austro-Hungarian Bank was built on a prominent location, on the corner of a newly built street. The designer was Jozef Hubert. The buildings of this bank house in Vienna and Budapest were the model. The palace has an expression of strength and security, which is served by the expressive arsenal: the bossage on the ground floor, the high Neo-Renaissance windows on the first floor, the numerous symbols in the relief decoration, the lion heads with a handle from the vault, the laurel wreaths, the enthroned heads, etc. The most striking message of the institution is conveyed by the pairs of seated figures above the windows of the buttresses: the Allegory of Industry and the Allegory of Commerce.

Historical research of the facade: NOVOTA ART et al., 2019


The comprehensive restoration of the extensive façade of the corner building was challenging due to its severely devastated condition. In some parts of the northern façade, the plaster had to be replaced in its entirety.  Remedial plaster was applied at ground floor level and a ventilated plinth was created. Architectural components and relief details were fully restored. The oak main gate and other wooden elements were restored. The ornamental metal parts – the basement window grilles, the grilles of the porthole of the gate were restored, including gilding.  Special attention was paid to the restoration of the figurative allegories, which were in the process of disappearing. After the restoration of the only, relatively preserved original of the figural pair, cast copies were made and reinstalled. The original colouring of the facades in grey tones was also restored with KEIM materials.