Project Details

  • Project Segnerova kúria
  • Category Exterior, reconstruction
  • Place Michalská Street 7
  • Year of realization 1996

Segnerova kúria, Michalská street 7

Renaissance representative house built in 1648 for the German merchant Andrea Segner on the busiest street of Bratislava.

The house has a complex plan and a rich three-storey façade with side bay windows on brackets. The symmetrical façade has a semicircular stone portal with a straight lintel in the central axis, where there is a text about the construction and the coat of arms of the owner.  The gateway is 19th century with original features. The plain plasterwork has corner sgraffito decoration and horizontal articulation with cordon bands.  The coherent architecture of the courtyard with the character of the German Renaissance represents an important monument from the 17th century in our environment.


At the time of restoration, the building was severely damaged by lack of maintenance, including plaster and stone details, as well as static defects. The gate was also significantly damaged.  As part of the restoration, structural protection was implemented and the facade plaster was restored to its original appearance.  Based on the research, an authentic colour scheme in light grey plaster tones and dark grey architectural structures was also implemented. The large oak double-leaf gate was dismantled, cleaned, and reconstructed in damaged components such as the lions’ heads with knocker function and metal closing elements. The gate was treated with staining and conserved.