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Wooden and composite wall cladding

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Product design

Wooden and composite wall cladding

In our design studio we offer individual solutions for entrance areas and receptions. When designing, we take inspiration from various natural and geometric shapes. We also use computer-generated structures, which we adapt according to spatial requirements. The final visual result depends mainly on the overall space, the functionality of the building and the client’s requirements. The patterns and the final geometry are mainly the result of a reconciliation of all the requirements and spatial demands. The panels are then manufactured on a CNC machine, finished and assembled on site after the 3D design has been approved by the client. Light sources and electrical wiring are incorporated into the panel system.

Entrance areas - reception - halls - offices

Prefabricated wooden structures with lighting

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Product design


Carved spiral staircase. We choose high quality wood, most often of the following species: oak, maple, rowan, walnut, chestnut, elm, lime, olive, pear, plum, cherry, cherry, boxwood, exotic woods – mahogany, cedar, ebony, sapwood.

Carved balustrade. An artistic element in a variety of styles, it has the ability to respond to the architectural space in which it is set, thus completing its unique style.

The sculptural design of a lion. A comprehensive library of 3D designs for sculptural staircase finials and balustrades offers many variations. Hand finishing and high-quality finishes ensure high artistic value

The dynamic shapes of the spiral staircase, referring to the Italian Baroque period, combine with the elegantly floral motif to create a very impressive space.

Product design

Carved spiral staircases

Nordic Baroque

Ceramic furnace with sculptural extension

The characteristic ceramic kiln with a white glaze with an architectural basic shape, with a dynamically bevelled corner, bears above the cornice in the top a period favourite sculptural allegory: TIME - the eternal Chronos embracing the world (the globe) with a raised arm in his hand with an hourglass in his hand. The winged figure of the old man contrasts with the figure of the putti, symbol of the New Time. The body of the furnace is flanked by figures of snakes with female heads (symbol of infinity)

The 18th-century Nordic Baroque ceramic kiln with a tall figural sculptural superstructure consists of three parts: the base on ceramic feet, the body itself with a dynamically cut bevelled perimeter and the sculptural superstructure. The kiln has a white glaze and is richly embossed with a gilded, sharply cut symmetrical relief.

Italian Baroque

Sculpture for garden fountain.

Sculpture in Italian Baroque style with an ancient motif of the Greek deity of waters Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite and a child figure with a dolphin. The sculpture is mounted on the upper surface of the fountain, which is carried in the form of caryatids by the Tritons.

A valuable sculptural work, intended for the representative exterior, as a dominant feature of the fountain in front of the architectural niche. The sculpture, mounted on the six-bladed base of the fountain's chalice, is carried by the coiled figures of the Tritons of the Sea. The seated group of figures represents Poseidon, the Greek deity of the waters, with his wife Amphitrite. Poseidon gestures with his hand to open the fountain with which he has endowed Athens. The deities are garlanded (sea foam and crown, headdress of coral). At the feet is a figure of a child with a dolphin.