Advanced CAD/CAM programming and machining

Innovative technologies at NOVOTA ART

Projects are designed and implemented by our interdisciplinary team.

NOVOTA ART’s technology laboratory ensures the implementation of electronic and hardware solutions into its production.

From dream to design, from imagination to innovation and from prototype to product

We turn your vision into reality with advanced technology solutions.

NOVOTA ART drives innovation forward through custom-built equipment and our numerous partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers

Our offer

Software and hardware solutions

We program collaborative robots for their effective connection to human needs

Automation and robotics with elements of artificial intelligence

We pay special attention to the stability, consistency and reliability of the developed solution to enable full control over the implemented system and easy management and maintenance in the future.

Software development

Our team works in the field of computer science and is dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying and supporting software. For particularly demanding information system requirements, we use our experience in delivering complex solutions also in cooperation with external developers.

Smart solutions and programming for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AMRs) 

In our technology laboratory we work with different types of materials

3D digitalization and Metaverse

Preparation of a 3D model for the creative industry (metaverse)

Electronic and hardware solutions

We provide complete development services, including design, electronic layout, mechanical design and prototyping. Prototype design is an important and essential stage in the manufacturing process of a new product, through which the efficiency and feasibility of the process is examined in order to arrive at an optimal final product.

Prototyping of electronic and mechanical systems

Each Mesmer robot is designed and manufactured from 3D scans of real people, allowing us to convincingly mimic human expressions.

Programming Humanoid Robots MESMER

Programming of MESMER humanoid robots is provided on request in cooperation with Engineered Arts Limited, UK. We provide a comprehensive service ranging from speech and interaction design through scanning and creating an animated 3d model based on a live model, to maintaining the operation of the robots, for a variety of exhibition and entertainment purposes.


Game development and programming for virtual reality


Our technology partners